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Electrical Characteristics
Ambient Temp. Range: -35C to +55C
Rated Speed: 7.5 RPM Non Continuous
Rated Voltage: 240 V RMS, 120 VDC
Rated Current: 5@15 Amps, 30@5 Amps
Surge Current: 15 Amps
Curcuit Resistance: Circuit Insulation: <5mA@600 V RMS

Mechanical Characteristics
Shaft End Play: <0.05″ with 8 lb Thrust Load
Drag Torque: Number of Circuits: Figure shown has 35 circuits
Number of Brushes/Circuits: 2 Minimum
Total Weight: Life: 90,000 Hours @ 5rpm
Dimensions are in inches

Construction Characteristics
Frame: Totally Enclosed
Hardware: Cad Plated or Stainless Steel
Housing :
Aluminum Alloy, Anodize per Mil-A-8625

Bearings: Single Shielded, Lubricated per Mil-G-23827
Rotor: Aluminum Alloy, Anodize per Mil-A-8625
Rings: Silver 90%, Copper 10%
Insulation: Fungus Inert per Mil-Std-454
Brush Block: Replaceable Type
Brushes: Silver 80%, Graphite 20%
Rotor Connections: Custom built (Conduits to connectors)
Stator Connections:
Custom Built (Conduits to Connectors or 4-40 UNC studs)