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Silver rings with lead wires over a shaft are inserted in a transfer or compression mold. The plastic material (usually conforming to Mil-I-14) thermosetting or an epoxy type is injected into the mold.

Pictured is the Gen-500 general purpose Slip Ring and Brush Assembly. Danmar Industries offers this unit to the designers who prefer to custom build their own bearing mounted Slip Ring assemblies, and for applications where a completely encased unit is impractical. Gen-500 Slip Ring assemblies can adapt to any shaft up to 2.250 inches in diameter.

Model Number Rings Dim.A
GEN-500-1 2 1.000
GEN-500-4 4 1.436
GEN-500-6 6 1.875
GEN-500-8 8 2.313
Model Number Rings Dim.A
GEN-500-10 10 2.751
GEN-500-15 15 3.846
GEN-500-17 17 4.285
GEN-500-20 20 4.941
Model Number Rings Dim.A
GEN-500-40 40 9.321
GEN-500-50 50 11.511
GEN-500-75 75 16.986
GEN-500-100 100 22.461