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Slip Ring assemblies in general are custom manufactured, but not all Slip Ring assemblies are specially designed and constructed. The side Figure and Table shows a Slip Ring assembly that is both cost effective and has a short lead time. Our open E-100 series provides excellent reliability and performance at a reasonable price. These assemblies offer low noise and current carrying capacity to 40 amperes. The E-100 series can be combined and assembled in almost limitless ways to meet your requirements, using standard Slip Ring components developed by Danmar Industries over the past 40 years.

1. Rings: Coin Silver or Brass Silver Plated
2. Brushes: Spring loaded silver graphite. Two per ring
3. Speed: 150 rmp maximum
4. Life: 1000 hrs@100 rpm
5. Insulation: Phenolic
6. Dielectric Strength: 750 VRMS (all combinations)
7. Insulation Resistance: 100 Meg-Ohms at 500 V.D.C.

Model No. of Rings Dim.A Model No. of Rings Dim.A
E-100-5 5 4.900 E-100-20 20 7.715
E-100-10 10 5.555 E-100-25 25 7.950
E-100-15 15 6.400 E-100-40 40 10.300
Figure Above 12.168 E-100-52 52 12.168